Download WebDumper Free

Web Dumper allows you to download entire websites to your hard disk, allowing you to browse them offline anytime you like. The program keeps the directory structure of the website intact. The program should be able to download both the HTML and the embedded pictures, sounds, or movies.

The program works by downloading the URL you specify and parsing it. Web Dumper extracts all the URLs in the current page and analyzes them. Depending on how you configure the program, it may skip the links that are not from the same domain. You can also specify certain file extensions that should be ignored.

The most important setting of this application is in my opinion the so called “Depth Level”. It allows you to specify how many levels of nested folders should be downloaded. A value of 0, which is also the default value, allows the program to download only the first page. Another thing you should take into consideration is whether you want to download external links. The program allows you to block or allow external links.

Download Full Version: MaxProg WebDumper

Serial Key: WeD1-4C5D-464F-6F08-393C-60D1

Key Features:

  • Multi-thread with user definable time-out.
  • High-speed downloading with bandwidth selector.
  • Smart definable spider engine including across Web Sites.
  • Include/Exclude Filters with more than 60 standard MIME file types.
  • Duplicate file database and duplicate rejection.
  • Links Explorer with definable depth level.Re-Link documents locally for offline browsing.
  • Incremental download support.
  • Complete HTTP error and link checking and handling.
  • Detailed file download monitoring.
  • Authentication support for password-protected sites.
  • Proxy server support.
  • Native versions for Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows 2000/Me/NT/XP/Vista.

One thought on “Download WebDumper Free

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