How To: Increase Browser’s Page Transfering Speed

In this fast Web World, everyone want his internet speed or Browser speed to be fast as compared to expensive broadband tariff plans. So, a thought comes in my mind about How to increase browser’s or Internet Speed for them who have limited access to their Broadband Tariff. There are many popular web-browsers out there that all have a different type of handling with webpages. The two web browsers with the biggest market share, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer can be tweaked for speed. Your webpages will now load up to 4 times faster! It’s easy and the changes are made within a few minutes. After that, you’ll save lots of time browsing on The Internet.

To speed up your browser, follow the next step for your browser:

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Start Firefox and type: about:config in the address bar and hit “Enter“.
  2. Type: network.http.pipe in the Filter search bar on top.
  3. Double click on the network.http.pipelining string to change its value to true.
    If you use a proxy, set network.http.proxy.pipelining to true as well.
  4. Double click on the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests string to change its interger value to 35.
  5. Right click anywhere on the Configuration screen and select “New” and then “Boolean”.
  6. Enter browser.turbo.enabled as the new Boolean name and click “Ok”. Now set the value of the Boolean to true.

*NOTE*: Additionally you can also install the Fasterfox Plugin. This plugin helps you to tweak and speed up Firefox too.


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