What’s new in Windows8 and How it works

Windows 8 LogoMicrosoft, one of the biggest company in every field whether Windows OS, Mobile world, or Computer Hardware/Software. And one of the riskiest product i.e. Windows 8. As with any change, some critics believe Windows 8 could be the death of Microsoft, while others are certain to believe it the company’s savior.

But What’s new and How it works ? We’ve divided this discussion into several parts. Here are some of the biggest features of Windows8. Lets discuss them :

Live Tiles are the new icons:

Windows 8 start up screen

Windows 8 Start-up-Screen

Microsoft, one of the big fan of icons. But the static icons will not increase company’s productivity, in order to make it productive Microsoft uses the concept of Windows 7 phone i.e. make it more dynamic which was published in the mid of January, 2011. So from static to dynamic icons, whenever you boots up your system you will see the grid-view of moving, animating, e-icons(use with the help of Internet). Some of the e-icons are :

  • Your mail Inbox and unread messages
  • Newsletters subscribed by you
  • The calender updates, new events from Social networking websites
  • Direct shortcut to Internet Explorer 10
  • Temperature updates, etc.

Another important thing is that you can not only change the background color but the size of the grids can also be change according to the requirements with maximum of 18 grids you can set in one window. Still don’t understand Live Tiles? You can always go to a store and try out a Windows Phone, or just think of it this way: Your entire desktop is full of widgets. This is a grid of widgets.

So, if you want to know more about Windows 8 click this link to know How windows 8 touches itself: > A Touch OS with Multiple Windows


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