About Me – Harman Bajaj

Hello, i am Harman Bajaj (Harry) and i have completed BCA from SD College, Chandigarh.
I have made this blog to refresh my skills. In this blog you will find some new updates in the IT field and many more.

Because I have just started so blog wouldn’t be as perfect as the professionals blog
but i will do my best to improve it.
I have good knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, ORACLE, SQL SERVER 2008 and HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY AND ASP.NET 4 using VB.NET & C#.NET,  many more.

I also deal in making Projects based on ASP.NET (C# & VB). If you want to make your personal project or your company’s project you can directly contact me on: 78149-48797.

My Recent Projects:

1. Yammer: The Enterprise Social Network (Occupied By Microsoft Inc.)   (Major Project)

2. Constant-Lists: Lists where you can get everything (Major Project)

Additional Contact Details:



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