How To Download Books From Google Books

Are you tired of using desktop tools which often fail to download digital books from Google Books in PDFand in image formats due to copyright issues and other imposed restrictions? Contrasting to Picasa which lets you download photos without any restrictions, Google Books Service doesn’t permit users to download full and free digital editions of books without digital copy protection. If you’re looking for an application which can remove such restrictions while letting Continue reading


What’s new in Windows8 and How it works

Windows 8 LogoMicrosoft, one of the biggest company in every field whether Windows OS, Mobile world, or Computer Hardware/Software. And one of the riskiest product i.e. Windows 8. As with any change, some critics believe Windows 8 could be the death of Microsoft, while others are certain to believe it the company’s savior.

But What’s new and How it works ? We’ve divided this discussion into several parts. Here are some of the biggest features of Windows8. Lets discuss them : Continue reading

How To: Increase Browser’s Page Transfering Speed

In this fast Web World, everyone want his internet speed or Browser speed to be fast as compared to expensive broadband tariff plans. So, a thought comes in my mind about How to increase browser’s or Internet Speed for them who have limited access to their Broadband Tariff. There are many popular web-browsers out there that all have a different type of handling with webpages. The two web browsers with the biggest market share, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer can be tweaked for speed. Your webpages will now load up to 4 times faster! It’s easy and the changes are made within a few minutes. After that, you’ll save lots of time browsing on The Internet. Continue reading


Its been quiet for the past few days with regards to Windows 8, but that doesnt mean Windows 8 fanatics have stopped working. Italian website Windows8Italia have opened a .dll file that hints Microsoft will incorporate Kinect technology into Windows 8. It should come as no surprise that Microsoft will try to find overlaps in its Kinect technology with its other product lines, considering how ahead of the time its technology is. Continue reading

Your Mobile Personality Test

Snobbish iPhone sucker or boring Android bozo – what does your Smartphone say about you?

What you think of yourself: You think of yourself as young (at heart if not age), trendy, with-it (also own the MacBook Air and two iPads), a true techie (can figure out iTunes), get what you want, like the good things in life, very well informed (all those apps that keep you right on the button) given to some vanity, but not apologetic about it. You like things understated (one home button), yet like a little bling (the Phone Cover), you get bored of people and things quickly (you moved from iPhone 1 to 4 in three straight years!), are cool and stylish (a study says iPhone users get more sexual partners!), can afford the luxuries of life and are basically successful and upwardly mobile. Continue reading

The Rules of MWC 2011

THE MOBILE World Congress in Barcelona has a few constants. It’s usually freezing, the city is gridlocked, none of the taxi drivers understand English, the tapas are always excellent (and remember tapas is NOT a starter; if you start eating tapas, you finish eating tapas), and the event itself is pretty much about mobiles only. This year MWC was spot on target- freezing, jammed, sin ingles(‘without English’) in every cab, tapas heaven every evening, but in the last part, MWC broke from convention. Mobility got redefined – it now meant everything that is deemed portable, i.e. all that you can carry with you is now Mobile.
The Big Ones from the all -new MWC. Continue reading

Download WebDumper Free

Web Dumper allows you to download entire websites to your hard disk, allowing you to browse them offline anytime you like. The program keeps the directory structure of the website intact. The program should be able to download both the HTML and the embedded pictures, sounds, or movies.

The program works by downloading the URL you specify and parsing it. Web Dumper extracts all the URLs in the current page and analyzes them. Depending on how you configure the program, it may skip the links that are not from the same domain. You can also specify certain file extensions that should be ignored. Continue reading