What’s new in Windows8 and How it works

Windows 8 LogoMicrosoft, one of the biggest company in every field whether Windows OS, Mobile world, or Computer Hardware/Software. And one of the riskiest product i.e. Windows 8. As with any change, some critics believe Windows 8 could be the death of Microsoft, while others are certain to believe it the company’s savior.

But What’s new and How it works ? We’ve divided this discussion into several parts. Here are some of the biggest features of Windows8. Lets discuss them : Continue reading


What to Expect: Windows 8

It started with an accidental posting on Microsoft’s Dutch website saying Windows 8 was two years away from hitting the market. Then there were a few slides at the recent Microsoft Professional Developers Conference suggesting the next release of the Windows Server OS, which typically arrives just after a desktop edition debuts, was due in 2012. To add to the titillation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, when interviewed at the Gartner Symposium, said the next version of the Windows desktop would be “Microsoft’s riskiest upcoming product.” Continue reading